Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rose for love.....

Not all roses are created equal. Given a climate that is more conducive to pests and tropical heat than luscious, blooming petals, it's hard to express heartfelt sentiment and let the flowers do the talking. Despite this, Island Rose, the country's largest grower and wholesaler of European roses have managed to keep the gesture of sending roses to friends and family alive.

For those who wish to shower their loved ones with red roses, Island Rose has three variants: the thornless and thick-stemmed Grand Gala

rose with dark red buds, the long straight-stemmed Red Giant rose abundant with foliage, and the Red France rose whose petals are vibrantly red. The Osiana rose, on the other hand, features peach-colored buds while the Noseblesse rose has salmon pink petals, and the Vivaldi rose grows with very light pink buds


Island Rose features lively, vibrant hues with the golden yellow-colored buds of the Texas rose, light yellow petals of the Christine rose, deep orange roses of Salsa, and the Lambada rose whose buds come in a unique, bright orange tone. Finally, their white roses that include the thick-stemmed Tineke rose and the Gloria rose, whose buds have the purest white color, are both perfect for weddings and arrangements.

Additionally, Island Rose gives everyone an opportunity to become more creative with their sentiments by amplifying the appeal of their presents by pairing the roses with gifts that include stuffed toys, chocolates, and trinkets.

Island Rose, the country’s largest grower and wholesaler of roses, specializes in growing world popular European roses using state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities in the cool climate of Tagaytay, Philippines. You can order high quality roses straight from the farm to be delivered in any destination within the Philippines at

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