Friday, October 22, 2010

When it comes to diapers, dryness is one of the top priorities for moms – and it’s especially important for babies at the Active Baby stage, where movement, learning and play are practically synonymous!

And to help give baby the ability to play all day, Pampers has continued to improve its Active Baby diaper by providing it with an Extra-locking layer that keeps your baby’s bottom dry even under pressure.

Even when Pampers Active Baby was put to the test, it not only absorbed the water poured on it faster .... it was also the only diaper who stayed completely dry, even after 150 ml. of water was poured into it and pressure in the form of weights were applied – proving that it is indeed the superior diaper when it comes to dryness.

And moms agreed as 98% voted Pampers Active Baby as the driest diaper!

So nurture your child’s development with Pampers Active Baby - with uninterrupted dryness comes uninterrupted play and learning! See for yourself – pit your baby’s diaper against Pampers at the Pampers Dryness Challenge held in all major supermarkets and groceries.

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