Thursday, October 21, 2010

December may be the start of Christmas for the rest of the world. But here in the Philippines, Christmas history is made–because the world’s favorite season of the year starts a hundred days early. As early as September, Eden Cheese–the country’s well-loved cheese brand spearheads the world’s longest Christmas celebration with Eden’s Sarap ng Pasko: 100 Days of Christmas. Previously igniting the joy and faith of Filipinos nationwide in last year’s Keso de Gallo, Eden is back to once again bring the warmest and tastiest Yuletide tidings to everyone, reminding Filipino of hope and unity.

Eden in partnership with ABS-CBN Network kicked off as early as July when participating towns were asked for a cook off. Each dish was made with indigenous ingredients native to their very own town–making every dish original and unique. Now, with 100 towns competing to have the country’s number one dish, Eden’s 100 Sarap ng Pasko: 100 Days of Christmas will bring out even more the culinary creativity in every participating town nationwide. Eden believes in the natural talent and healthy competitiveness of Filipinos in making nutritious, delicious and affordable meals especially during this season. With a natural love and passion for food, this pioneering celebration isn’t merely a competition. Moreover, it brings the entire nation together in time to share the tastiest of Yuletide tidings. Apart from bringing the entire nation together during this celebration, we believe that this will also inspire the rest of the world on how passionate we Filipinos are when it comes to food.

With the Spirit of Christmas ignited as early as September and kept alive until the first Sunday of January 2011, the country is sure to make a mark in Christmas history the world-around. Moreover, the Yuletide warmth and joy spread by the country’s well-loved cheese among Filipino families nationwide will empower and unite the country even more.

“Christmas really is the best time to be closer to our loved ones and to extend our love and faith to one another,” Marketing Manager, Tacderas explains. “And to have this culminating event is a way for all of us to end the year with great joy and start the next with utmost optimism.”

Vote for your town and help them realize their simple community wish by winning 2M in support fund and 100,000 for yourself. Send an Eden carton and be counted. Visit or call 72-PASKO for more details.

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