Sunday, April 25, 2010

Starbucks Coffee Seminar feat. Guatemala Casi Cielo and Cafe Verona

I trooped to Starbucks AbS-CBN branch with my sister for a coffee tasting seminar last weekend. We tried Guatemala Casi Cielo and Caffe Verona and learned more about the company’s commitment to ethically source coffee through Shared Planet.

Guatemala Casi Cielo - smell: floral, cocoa; taste: lemon acidity, smooth body, dark cocoa finish; mouth feel comes from the cocoa-powder texture that coats the tongue characteristic of the Antigua Region; an elegant coffee which complements sweet desserts, herbs and cheeses.

Cafe Verona - roasty, sweet; low acidity, full body; a blend of coffees from four farms in the Antigua Region; complex and a multi-region blend (Latin America and Asia/Pacific with Italian Roast; a post-roast blendto bring out all the four coffee flavours.

Shared Planet - (2008) is focused on three key ideas: Ethical Sourcing, Environmental Stewardship and Community Involvement; the company’s way to share their Global Responsibility efforts with their customers.

Do check out the Starbucks Coffee Seminars at a branch near you!

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