Sunday, April 25, 2010

Electrolux Philippines' Midsummer Festival

Electrolux Philippines welcomes summer and two new additions to its cooling line as it hosted its first ever Midsummer Festival at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel. A nod to the company’s Swedish heritage, Midsummer is a celebration of the beginning of summer after a long winter. Houses are decorated with flower garlands and wreaths; friends and families gather together and enjoy traditional songs and dance around a Midsommarstang or maypole.

Guests were treated to a delicious Swedish smorgasbord, traditional Maypole dances and other fun Midsummer rituals to give them a taste of one of Sweden’s most important holidays.

The festival was also an opportunity to refresh guests on another renowned aspect of Swedish culture – their design tradition, which households all over the world have also been able to experience through the many innovative products Electrolux has produced over its 90-year history. This certainly includes Electrolux’s two latest additions in food storage and air conditioning – the new Electrolux refrigerator and split-type air conditioner.

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