Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom's Zoori's Adventure

In celebration of Earth Day this April, Enchanted Kingdom (EK) brings to you its newest attraction which showcases a unique encounter with animals.

In partnership with Yupangco Group which brought you Zoobic Safari and Residence Inn, EK will feature “ZOORI’s ADVENTURE”, an interactive museum where guests, especially kids, can have a close “EnKounter” with mechanical white lions.

The attraction is divided into different chambers; a replica of colossal caves where guests will go through doors opening to other realms. Guests will also have the privilege to learn about the habitat of white lions and how they survive the wild.

Trapped doors with various surprises also await visitors. Park goers can also check the bouncing room and try the different activities of lions such as pouncing, hopping, and jumping as they catch their prey like zebras, buffalos, and deer.

Expect to go through revolving tunnels, a hanging bridge and the swinging Tarzan zone as guests try to avoid falling into a pit of inflatable balls.

Witness natural calamities that occur in the forests and how the white lions battle these forces of nature in the typhoon room!

Aside from an “EnKounter” with the lions, “EKsotic” birds will also be housed at Enchanted Kingdom middle of April! Bird lovers will have the opportunity to enter the aviary and feed the winged creatures. Get a chance to meet EK’s very own Tweeter.

According to Ms. Cynthia R. Mamon, EK’s VP for Sales and Marketing, “Here in Enchanted Kingdom, we believe that animals are very precious creations of God. They make us appreciate life more and see how beautiful the world is. We need to give importance to animals by taking good care of them.” She also added, “This partnership with the Yupangco Group helps us to not only value the animals but the whole earth itself.”

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